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Mar. 29th, 2008


A very long icon update!

 Sorry for the delay.  I had problems with my computer!!

(1-13): Ellen Page
(14-25): Lindsay Lohan
(26-31): Jennifer Lopez
(32-51): Toni Collette(with Cameron Diaz)
(52-54): Marion Cotillard
(55-70): Scarlett Johansson
(71-119): Felicity Huffman
(120-132): Eva Longoria Parker
(133-137): Helena Bonham Carter
(138-154): Catherine Zeta-Jones
(155-231): Oscars 2008(mostly Marion Cotillard!)
(232-236): Marcia Cross and Dana Delany


Feb. 7th, 2008


You can chase me all you want but trust me, I'm too fast for you!!

  (1-28):SAG Awards 2008(Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Eva Longoria Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marcia Cross)
  (29-38):Céline Dion(taking chances photoshoot)
  (39-52):Ellen Page & Michael Cera
  (53-69):Marion Cotillard
  (70-83):Over her dead body premiere(Eva Longoria Parker, Nicolette Sheridan, Lake Bell, Felicity Huffman)
  (84-89):Sarah Jessica Parker


Jan. 15th, 2008


Don't forget to fall in love...

   (1-16):Muffman(William H.Macy and Felicity Huffman)
 (17-22):Renee Zellweger
 (23-31):Lindsay Lohan
 (32-44):Marcia Cross
 (45-51):Rachel Weisz
 (52-66):Atonement movie
 (67-76):Kate Winslet
 (77-85):Sarah Jessica Parker(Lovely photoshoot)
 (86-101):Cate Blanchett 
 (102-104):Diane Keaton&Meryl Streep
 (105-115):Dicka(Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman)



Jan. 12th, 2008


You're my angel from above...love you love you love you love...

  (1-14) Keira Knightley
  (15-46) Lindsay Lohan
  (47-61) Ellen Page
  (62-65) Lynette Scavo
  (66-67) Natasha Richardson
  (68-76) Patricia Heaton
  (77-86) Anne Hataway
  (87-96) Renee Zellweger
  (97-106):Felicity Huffman



Jan. 4th, 2008


An small icon batch!

 (1-26): Hilary Duff
 (27-46): Eva Longoria Parker
 (47-59): Welcome to Kanawaga promo pics
 (60): Felicity Huffman

41.42. 43.44.

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